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Fundango Aerobatic Park Flyer Kit

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Product Code: GPMA0050

This is an Aerobatic Funfly-Style Park Flyer Fundango Aircraft.        
                  Designed for experienced advanced pilots.                  
                      Park Pilot Program Legal Aircraft                      
 Love to do aerobatics or just bore holes in the sky but don't have enough    
 time to run to the flying field? Great Planes has the answer for you!        
 Important note: Please check with the local R/C club before operating your  
 radio equipment. Signals from your radio system could interfere with other  
 R/C modelers in the area. You may also contact the AMA (Academy of Model-    
 Aeronautics) for a club nearest you.                                        
FEATURES: Balsa wing and tail construction                                    
         Fiberglass tube fuselage                                            
         Symmetrical airfoil                                                  
         Oversized ailerons and elevators for exciting performance            
         Complete, detailed plans and instruction manual to ease construction
         Optional landing gear included (hand launch/bellyland (see COMMENTS)
         Warranty guarantees this kit free from defects in both material and  
           workmanship at date of purchase.                                  
INCLUDES: All balsa required to build the kit, fiberglass fuselage, optional  
           landing gear, all necessary hardware, aluminum tube, (2) 1½"      
           foam wheels, CA hinges, illustrated instructions, rolled plans.    
REQUIRES: Radio: 3+ ch with 2 micro servos & micro receiver (Required-see ACG)
                (DO NOT USE sub micro servos. Per designer, they do not have  
                 sufficient power. Ignore cross sell of C5 on GPMG0415 instr.)
           NOTE: If modeler already has a 72MHz transmitter and servos, Great
           Planes offers a Micro Receiver and Speed Control in High Band.    
           Flight packs with Speed Controls and Servos are also              
           Requires High Band crystals (FUTL63**)                            
           An advantage to these systems is that they automatically adapt    
           themselves to the brand of transmitter they are used with.        
         Battery pack: 8 cell (AA cell or smaller)                            
         **We offer a flight pack specifically for this aircraft, GPMG0415    
           which includes motor, gearbox, prop adapter, APC 10x7 Slo-Fly prop.
           Electronic Speed Control: 20A w/BEC such as GPMM2025.              
           Motor: 9.6V, 400 size                                              
           Propeller: "Slo-Flyer"type (Can use APC 10x7 Slo-Fly also APCQ5018)
         Charger with GPMM3108 adapter for battery.                          
         Covering: One 6-foot roll(Top Flite MonoKote Transparent recommended)
         Misc. Items: Building and Field Equipment                            
SPECS:    Wingspan:               35" (890mm)                                  
         Wing area:              350 sq in (22.5 sq dm)                      
         Airframe weight w/gear: 4oz (1130g)                                  
         Ready-to-fly weight:    13-16oz (370-455g)                          
         Wing loading:           5.3-6.6 oz/sq ft (16-20 g/sq dm)            
         Length:                 30" (760mm)                                  
         Airfoil:                Fully Symmetrical                            
         Control throws-   High Rate             Low Rate                    
           Elevator:      2" (51mm) up         1" (25.4mm) up                
                          2" (51mm) down       1" (25.4mm) down              
           Aileron:   1-1/8" (28mm) up         ½" (12.7mm) up                
                      1-1/8" (28mm) down       ½" (12.7mm) down              
         ESC:      Follow mfgr's instructions to arm/set range.              
         CG:       2-7/8" to 3-9/16" aft of wing LE, with 3-1/16" ideal.      
COMMENTS: Only one receiver is required depending on the channel of the        
           radio selected(Low band Ch 11-35, High band Ch 36-60). Please note
           the Accessory Completion Guide lists both Low and High band        
           receivers. Channel selection is left to the modelers preference.  
         Weight is critical on small, lightweight electric models such as this
           Model's performance will be noticably increased by hand-launching  
           and belly landing and not using the optional gear.                
         NOTE: servos & battery are externally mounted                        
Improving the performance and preventing damage to your system.                
1) The gear mesh is Critical. Set the gear mesh by running a sheet of notebook
    paper between the gears. It should and will feel sloppy. If the gear mesh
    is tighter than this the motor will OVERHEAT (60° hotter!) and            
    immediately lose performance. If you have already run your motor with    
    this tight gear mesh and performance is lacking, please send us the      
    problem motor with a copy of this tech note and we will replace it at    
    no charge.                                                                
2) Oiling the motor's shaft: This is a part of normal service of most          
    electrical motor components which was accidently omitted from instructions
    for your power package.                                                  
  Please apply one drop of lubricating oil to each end of the shaft. This will
     also dramatically increase the motor's performance.                      
3) Balance the prop and centering the prop are CRITICAL. Being off even 1/16"  
     will cause a wobble which robs nearly half the available thrust from your
     motor combination.                                                      
If options 1 through 3 did not solve your performance concerns (acceptable    
 being flight times of 3-5 minutes with sufficient power for the model to    
 climb comfortably at a 45° angle). please consider:                          
4) Prop/Gear box match. The 1.7:1 gearbox works well on the Fundango for most  
     modelers as is, but for some, the performance is increased by using a    
     9x6 prop. The 3:1 ball bearing gearbox, GPMG0225, does also offer an    
     increase in performance when using the 10x7 prop already provided with  
     the power system you previously purchased, or an 11x7 with even more    
     power system you previously purchased, or an 11x7 with even more power  
     but shorter run time.                                                    
  After trying options 1 through 4, if your performance remains unacceptable,
    please mail us your motor/gearbox combination for warranty consideration.
         If the customer is looking for the BEC connectors they are:          
              Male:   GPMM3106                                                
              Female: GPMM3107                                                
                                                                   AMC 8/23/00
                                                              updt jxs 2/21/03
                                                              updt NNA 8/27/03
         Decal sheet FUNDD01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:    
           One 8" x 1-1/2" Red, White & Blue Fundango logo                    
           Two 2-5/8" x 5/8" Red, White & Black Great Planes logos

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