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Airtronics M12 Competition Pistol Radio w/RX-471 Dry

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Airtronics M12 2.4GHz FH4T
4-Channel Competition Pistol Grip Telemetry-Capable Radio**
with RX-471 FH4 Super Response Receiver
Break the Record!! Feel the Next-Generation in R/C. Pick up an M12!  

This is an Airtronics M12 2.4G FH4T 4-Channel Competition Pistol Grip Telemetry-Capable Radio** with an RX-471 FH4 Super Response Receiver. The M12 is newly-equipped with a 4x higher spec CPU compared to our world champion model, the industry-leading M11X.

Brand new from the ground-up, the M12 is the realization of lofty goals to more than double its analysis ablility and speed. An extremely low latency time, as well as operational and innovative features, guarantee the M12 to be the flagship of a new generation of radios, not just for Airtronics or Sanwa, but for the entire R/C industry.

The M12 responds at almost "Zero-Latency". What is Zero-Latency? It's a measured total latency speed of under 1ms. That's right, the latency of this radio is UNDER ONE MILLISECOND. What's more, the "feeling" of that type of Zero-Latency is 100% adjustible, allowing drivers to change their driving condition and feel instantly.

No other radio has this type of connectivity advantage! The M12's extremely high response time exceeds ALL other radios, and it's all in a package with advanced ergonomics only World Champion Airtronics can deliver. Drive easy knowing you're driving the best!

Bold New Features:

• Weight Reduction Improves Feel and Comfort - 100 Grams Lighter Than M11X

• Includes New RX-471 FH4 Super Response Receiver**

• Supports Telemetry** and PC Link Functions

• PC Link Uses Standard Common Mini USB Connector. No Special Cord Required

• 10-Car Type Templates: The M12 Uses an Entirely New Approach to Car Setup

• 5 Racing Modes: Allows You to Change Programming Settings with a Single Touch to Suit Differing Track and Setup Conditions During a Race

• Telemetry Logger: Able to Record and Send Telemetry Data to Your PC

• Receiver Mode: Allows the M12 to Display Telemetry Data from Other Airtronics Transmitters

• PC Link: Allows You to Save and Load Model Programming Data, Archive Telemetry Data and Update the Transmitter's Firmware

• Dual Steering: Allows You to Adjust Ackerman Angle and Set Up Right and Left Steering Individually

• Adjustable Latency: Allows You to Adjust the "feeling" of the Radio to Match Driving Style and Track Conditions

• Curve Setting: Allows You to Program From 1- to 9-Point Curves for All Channels

• LCD Display: 128 × 256 Full Dot LCD Display with Smooth Scrolling

• Custom Menu: Allows You Creat Custom Programming Menu List

• Evolution From M11X for Competition Level Users

• DMS Setting: Direct Model Select Up to 3 Different Models When Powered Up

• Throttle Mode: Adjust Throttle Trigger Ratio From Standard 7:3 to 5:5 (Balanced)

• Point AUX: Integrated Maximum 6 Point AUX

• MOA MIX : Allows Dig and Burn Control When Using Dual Motors

• 4WS MIX: Allows Front, Rear, Parallel and Tandem Steering When Using Dual Steering Servos

• Speed Setting: Allows You to Adjust Servo Speed in Forward and Return to Neutral Directions

• Model Sort: Allows You to Sort Models in the Model Select List. Put Your Favorites at the Top!

• Offset Setting: Starting Position, Break Store Cancel Function

• Channel Set Menu: Program Common Settings for All Channels from One Screen

• Dry Cell Battery Holder or Use with Ni-MH or 2S LiPo

Other Features:

• 50-Model Memory

• Direct Model Select Up to 3 Models

• Adjustable Steering and Throttle Channel Response Time

• 10-Car Type Templates Including 3 Crawler Setups

• User-Selectable Start-Up Screen

• PC-Link Allows PC-Connectivity Using Mini USB Cable

• Receiver Safety Link

• Large, Easy-to-Reads LCD with Smooth Scrolling

• Telemetry Logging and Servo Monitor

• Five Racing Modes Allow Setup Changes on the Fly While Driving

• Model Select, Naming, Copy, Clear and Sort

• Selectable Modulation Type

• Programmable Push-Button Switches, Trim Switches, Lever and Dial

• Configurable Vibration Alarms and Timers

• User Naming

• Servo Reversing

• Steering, Throttle and Brake Dual Rate

• End Point Adjustment

• Exponential, ARC and Curve Adjustments

• Servo Speed Adjustment

• Anti-Lock Braking

• Throttle Offset

• Throttle Hold

• Lap Timer and Two Interval Timers

• Large, Easy-to-Read Lap Timer Display

• Two Compensation Mixers

• Channel Set Menu

• Normal, SSR and SHR Servo Modes

• Center or Parallel Trim Types

• Programmable Fail-Safe

• Receiver Battery Voltage Fail-Safe

• Digital Trims

• Servo Sub-Trim

• Variable Rate Adjustment

• Selectable Throttle Bias

• Adjustable Key Volume and Tone

• Programmable Low-Voltage Alert and Limit Alarms

• Separate Display Button

• Inactivity and Over-Voltage Alarms

• Digital Battery-Voltage Monitor

• Adjustible for Right-Handed or Left-Handed Use

M12 Transmitter Specifications:

• Output Power: 100mW

• Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8-7.4v

• Operating Voltage Range: 4.0-9.0v

• Dry Weight: 20.8oz (590g)

• Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS

• Modulation Type: FH2, FH3, FH3F, FH4T, FH4FT (User Selectable)

RX-471 Super Response Receiver Specifications:

• Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8-7.4v

• Weight: 0.23oz (6.6gr)

• Dimensions: 1.18 x 0.91 x 0.55in (30.0 x 23.3 x 14.0mm)

• Frequency: 2.4GHz FH3/FH4 Selectable Via Transmitter

• Fail-Safe Support: Yes (All Channels)

• Battery Voltage Fail-Safe Limit: 3.5-5.0v (FH3) / 3.5-7.4v (FH4)

What's Included in the Box:

• M12 FH4T Digital High-Response Telemetry Transmitter**

• RX-471 Super Response Receiver**

• On/Off Switch

• Optional Rubber Grips (Large and Small)

• Optional Larger Diameter Steering Wheel

• Optional Steering Wheel Angle Plates (Right and Left)

• Optional Steering Wheel Offset Plate

• Optional Steering Wheel Springs (Soft and Hard)

• Optional Throttle Trigger Angle Brackets (Thin and Thick)

• Receiver Dust Boot Covers

• Transmitter Wrist Strap Mount

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4 'AA' Batteries for the Transmitter

*About M12 Response Mode - Please be aware that analog servos will not be compatible with the fastest radio settings: SHR, SSR mode. To prevent risk of trouble, do not use analog servo under SHR, SSR mode. Digital servos, SRG, Digital ERG, SDX can be activated under either NOR or SHR mode. SSR mode is only compatible with SRG/SSR series receivers and servos. The Airtronics M12 can be operated with all Airtronics 2.4GHz FHSS-2, FHSS-3 and FHSS-4 car receivers: RX-371, RX-442FS, RX-451, RX-451R, RX-461, RX-462, RX-471.

**Telemetry Capable Airtronics receiver required (RX-461 or RX-462) for full Telemetry capability

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